Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How could Colorado Springs rock?

Do you like living in Colorado Springs?

If you're answer is no: Why not? What does our city need to make it better? What is it missing? Or what does it have that you wish it DIDN'T?

If your answer is yes: Why do you like it? What are the activities that you and your family enjoy here? And finally.... are there any things that would make a good city even better?

Many people around our city are thinking about these very same questions right now. And they are looking for YOUR input in answer to the question: "How could Colorado Springs rock?"

People from all over town have put down their ideas on post cards, and sent them in, and they are being posted on the web!
Take a look!

If you would like to hear an interview with one of the people who started the icoloradosprings project, and see more postcards, click HERE.


haida said...

I love Colorado in fact is the place were people live happier in the entire U.S.A and is the place with
healthier people.

I think is a great state to live

yanmo said...

I like Colorado springs!The Mountain ,rock ,snow and the people!

Hannah said...

I like Colorado! I enjoy the parks and mountains during the summer.I just hate the weather because its so unpredictable! But other than that I Love Colorado!

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