Friday, December 12, 2008

My Hope

When will our families live together?

We were separated two years ago.

We had applied to immigration with our whole family.

But our couple only got immigrant visa.

My two daughters didn`t get the visa.

When we heard the news, we all were surprised and confused.

I thought for many days about whether or not my wife and I should go to

the USA or not without our daughters.

Finally I decided to immigrate into USA after discussing with my family.

I was very sad and depressed.

After settling down in the USA passed two years already.

I want to meet my daughters.

Every day we call to my daughters.

But it`s not satisfying me.

How gloomy is it!

Fortunately my daughters, Eunki and Sunki have B1 and B2 visa to come to the USA.

My younger daughter Sunki will graduate university in February next year.

Therefore she will visit us in January next month.

My wife and I are looking forward to seeing our daughter Sunki.

I want to reunite with my family as soon as possible.

God bless us!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My two favorite books.

When my daughter Alejandra and my son Fabian started elementary school, I began to put together a scrapbook for each one of them.
I took the most important pictures, assignments, awards, school newspaper,
regular newspaper, etc. and I started two scrapbooks collecting all of the information from school about Alex and Fabian.
When I open these scrapbooks, I remember my two beautiful kids doing sports, like: cross country, track, wrestling and basketball. Time that my husband and I enjoyed a lot, giving them motivation to improve their times and their accomplishments.
All the time they would win many awards, and the last two years in high school they had state competitions, Alex one time and Fabian several other times, wining two several 1st. place or 2ND. place medals.
Now I know that sports help out kids and teenagers keep focus in school, but parents also need to push and support them all the time.


"Years ago in the dark night between two far away ranches the residents heard a cried of the old woman walking through the streets. Later they heard a sound of a horse galloping around the ranch".

Suddenly my mom yelled a strong "aaaahh!!!" and all kids jumped out of their chairs.
This was one of the most unforgettable anecdotes of my childhood. I remember when was a child my brothers and friends usually spent the afternoon of the day monopolized my mother's time.

When the sun was gone and the night was starting my mom took her chair and about seven or eight kids around her waiting for a scary story.

That night we listened about more than one hour in astonishment to my mom. After that,every sound, the shadow of one tree or something touched us was so frightening.

Next my friends didn't want to return to their house because they had so much fear. Finally they ran so fast until they stayed safe in their houses.

A Good Friend

When I was a student of middle school, I met several friends.
I had four familiar friends. We met continuously until we became adults.
Among four friends, one friend's name was Shin.
One day, Shin introduced a woman to me. Three people met several times.
We went to the church, climbed the mountain, watched the movies....
I was falling in love with her. I wished to marry her. If I married with her, Shin promised that he would be cheering at the wedding ceremony.
But unfortunately, he passed away in February 1992. He had leukemia.
I was so sad.
I married with her in November 1992. He couldn't keep his promise with me.
He will be my highest friend forever.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Live Mocha

I've just discovered an interesting website for learning a second language! It's called LiveMocha, and it's like a cross between a language class and Facebook. You create an account (it's free!) and work through lessons for the language you want to learn, but you can also chat with native speakers, make friends, and get encouragement from other people. One of my friends is learning Spanish right now from it, and loves it! You can't get to the link here at school, but you can do it at home if you want. I haven't tried it, so I don't know exactly how it works, but I just wanted you to know about it. Good luck!