Friday, February 5, 2010

The Decision to Change our lifes.

This story is so long, but I will try to relate my story with possible brevity.

When I finished the high school,Oh my God!These were many time ago, I was only 17 years old. In these time I started to go to parties close to my house.

German lived in the same neighborhood then in some party we met.

I thought that the life was easy, but was not always like that because I was going through many changes in my life. On many opportunities all of us think that our parents aren't best ones in the world, but the idea changes when you get a important decision.

In these years German was going through a hard time because when one is young,we think we can "have our cake and eat it,too".

German suffered alcoholism for many years. He is now a recovered alcoholic since twelve years ago.

When German and I made the decision to live and made a family together,Whooo!On these moment change my life.

Now we have two children, Dayana and Bryan. They are our motor, our strong to follow hard work with the God help, and the love that our family give us.

We enjoy of the life,"each day as if it were our last".

I would like to say that everything in this life has its own time.

Sometimes we took a wrong turn, but everyone has the opportunity to return.

Enjoy your life and try to be happy.


haida said...

I think thats the way we learn in the school of life,I wish the best
of the best for you and your family.

Dayana said...

mom,I just love your story. it makes me happy that you are trying hard to keep up the good work. i'm very proud of you,you are the persom who makes me keep up the good work in school,and i hope i can help you too.if this makes you proud i got an A+ on math. I LOVE U MOM,LOTS AND LOTS OF KISSES!!!!!

efrain hernandez said...

she is my sister,l love you,you are the best.lm so happy.l am going to cry.l am so proud of you.

Claudia said...

Hi! Alma , you are right we need to enjoy the life and to give thanks to god for our successes.
Is good to fall, but is more good when we can go up.

sue said...

You have a lovely family, Alma! Thank you for being willing to share your story.

Laura said...

Alma I read your story you wrote about your family.The problems that you had on the past. But you are a strong, and positive, and wise woman. So never, never give up, and continually fight for your goals.If you try hard enough you will become what you want to be. And I know you also try to spent a lot of time with your family, and the best thing in life is to be with the family,and have love, joy and peace.