Friday, February 5, 2010

His Warm Smile of Love

His warm smile of love is that my grandpa was a very good man. His name was Tom. He was a person that you can look up to and count on. My grandpa loved to help people if they needed help.

My grandpa was in the concrete work. He was a mason, a person that lays concrete and lays block.

I used to go to his house in AZUSA, California to hang out or help him around the house. I used to help him with the yard, like mowing the yard, trim trees, and help him with his car.

My grandma never had to work. So she just sat around watched soaps,and drank beer.I would take his car to the shop when needed.

We also used to go to the park and play catch and play baseball with the other kids.I loved to play baseball when I was a little kid. I always got a lot of support from him.

Then things started to slow down. He started to get sick with diabetes. He lost part of his hearing. He had to use hearing aids. He lost his hearing from the saws that he had to use to cut the blocks and loud machines. His hearing got so bad that the hearing aids did not work for him any more. It started to get more complicated communicating with him. I still kept coming over to help him around the house.

Then finally they moved down to Sun City, California, and I could not get down there anymore. He got so bad that he passed.

I was sad. I will always remember my grandpa as a good person. He will always be in my heart and soul.


Anonymous said...

That is such a wonderful piece that you wrote about your Grandpa. I bet if he was living today he would be so proud good job honey!!!!

haida said...

i dont have words, the only thing
I can tell you is that god bless his soul, and you were very fortunate to have him.
Now he is wathing you from heaven.

Anonymous said...

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