Friday, December 4, 2009

The Job I Wish I Could Have

Well I Would have to say my dream job would be a top notch Game Designer/Film Maker/Comic Book Maker ,all under one roof. The reason be hind it all is because me and my cousin Mike we're complaining about things in "Brothers in Arms:Hell's highway" ,that they should stop promising to the fans about some thing so easy ,but they never go through with it and that got me thinking. And what sold me on the idea was that Mike wanted to be a games designer and for some reason it stared to dish out idea for games, but a couple months later he didn't want to do it anymore, so a couple more months later I had more ideas than i could deal with, so I thought I'll star making the games, so from there ever thing fell in to place. I came up with ainvitational idea to do all three things because of what Marvel Comic were doing with the movie game which was there own film studios. The day I hear of marvel films is the day I became a film maker. So that is kind of my origins story of sorts and the ideas come to paper by drawing my biggest muse. Instead of where normal people would write it down, I draw it down. It is my easiest way to comprehend what I imagine. This is my most beloved dream job. I hope you got a grip on why this my dream job.