Friday, September 26, 2008


On Sunday we went to Denver to watch a game. It was Colorado Rapids vs Chicago Fire. We went there because my husband and my son like it. The team Chicago Fire has a Mexican player. His name is Cuahtemoc Blanco.
Later we went to a salon and my husband and my two daugthers got a hair cut.

After that we went to Leanela's to get food and returned to my house and made dinner and watched t.v.
That is what we did on the weekend.


When I was a child eleven years old, I was in the middle school. I had a friend my cousin Diana. Our favorite place to be it was a park "El Parque Lerdo". This park is in Chihuahua, and it was the closest to my cousin's house.

There were a lot of very good places to stay: quiet, noise, and funny. We always chose a good place to go every time we were there.

We went almost every weekend and some times some days of the week.
Been there for a while or for few hours it was very pleasing, heither if we were eating an ice cream, enjoying the flowers, the singing of the birds, the yelling of the children, the people walking.

Some times we just talked about our feelings, our friends, our family, or any boys who like us.

It is a very pleasant memory to remember.

Favorite Place

Bone crushing, smell of the green cut grass, and getting hit in the cold. Wearing at least 25 pounds of heavy equipment, the sreaming of the fans, and the howling of the coaches.

I was young at least eight of age playing football to get away from my brothers and sister, even my mom and dad. Seven and three was my first winning season.

My favorite place was to walk 1 to 5 miles to Memorial Park though the dead plants, bees flying around, and sun blazing in the sky, dog chasing me out of his terrtory, and doing this while wearing all of my equipment. My favorite place is playing football. Sweating, in pain, and tired, but walking back home joyful.

My favorite place

My favorite place is on the beach with my family on the Island of Guam.The distance from Guam to Hawaii is 7 to 8 hours awayby plane. Guam is where my family and I are from.

As a young child my family and I would go to the beach often. We would set up a canapy, play loud music and bar-b-que. I wouls sit in the hot sun abd on the soft , warm sand.

My brother and I, also my cousins Eugean and Jaidee we all would go swimming in the deep water and look down to see the fish and coral. The water was warm from the sun, It was a light shade of green and blue. We would stay there all day untill the park was ready to close.

Someday I would love to go back and visit my family.

A nice place to be

When I was 10 years old, I was living in Mexico City. My sister Lorena who was 12 years old and I used to go to a park close to our house. We liked that park because the older kids used to play in the new park so they left the old park just for us. That was our favorite place to spend our time together. We loved to play soccer and basketball. The park was next to our school "Ninos Heroes" and sometimes we stayed there after school with our friends Jazmin and Jacky they were my sister's age. We had a very fun and long day each other.Sometimes we used to lay down in the grass and look at the sky to see the clouds. I remember that my mom used to get mad at us because we came home late.
This was my favorite place to be and I'll always remember it.

My Favorite Place

My favorite place now is my sweet home. My house looks like powerful. If I am with my family I feel comfortable.

I have two children the boy is 14 years old and the girl is 10 years old. Their name's are Roger, and Janely. I don't have to worry about anything if we are together, and healthy. I enjoy to stay at home with my family. We have fun all together. We live in Colorado Springs, Co.

My house is lovely, warm, and peaceful. That's the reason why it is my sweet home. I have everything here in my house and I do my best to keep it like that.

The Magic Grandmother's House

My favorite place when I was 7-9 years-old was my grandmother's Ana Maria house.

Consequently most of the family (uncles and cousins) to reunite in weekends for to share and past a good day.

The kids played together, they ran around the house, climbed the trees, swung in the hammock of my grandfather or played in the canalito that crossed the house.

I loved to play in the canalito because I made boats of paper and floated them on the water or my sister and I cut some flowers that grow beside the canalito.

One of many reason we visit to my grand mom was she made a delicious bread and empanadas and she usually made this on Saturdays.

My mom and aunts helped her to make the bread and my dad, grandfather and uncles sat in shadow of a enormous tree to converse.

In the afternoon when the bread was ready, we all ate and enjoyed with my grandmother.

My beloved place

My beloved place when I was 12 years old was to go up to the top of my house in Sinaloa Mexico.

I liked to stay there because I could sit and listen to the birds singing, see the sky and treat for to found some shapes clouds and see how look the trees too.

When I stayed here I liked to find a dot where the sunlight felt hot, I relish feeling these in my body. That is relaxing for me.

That was a place where I could think, reflect or only take a moment alone. I could spend hours here. When I remember that moments I can to transfer to that charming time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Special Day

I am not much of a storyteller, but I will try my best. March 22, 2007. I made the biggest decision of my life. That was the day my husband and I decided to get married .

We had no family members around, it was just us. That day my husband and I were at home. At the time we already planned to get married, but we had family members that disagreed with our decision. So, we got married alone.

That morning we didn't know that we would have ended up husband and wife by the end of the night. To me it seemed like the longest day ever.

We were laying in bed and out of no where I said to him, "Let's do it!" He said, "Do what?" I said, "Get married!" and being my husband (the person that likes to think things through), he asked me , "Are you sure?" and I said, "Yes!"

We've gone to Centennial Hall several times. We've answered the questions, raised our right hands, and paid the lady 10 dollars , but we never actually went through with it. That day was different. As we were walking into the building I looked at him and said, "This is it. Are you sure you are ready?" He said, " I have never been more ready in my life." Right then I knew this was right.

We sat down and for the third time we answered the questions and raised our right hands. Then the lady asked me, "Will you be changing your last name?" With no hesitation and big smile I said, "Yes!" After we were done she gave us the paper and said, " After you get this signed you can either sent it in or bring it back."

At the time one of my co-workers was a registered minister. So, I gave her a call and asked if she would mind signing the paper and she agreed. The next day we brought the paper back and the same lady was there and she said, " That was fast."

Up till this day I still remember everything, that was our special day.


I would like to share my first writing in English.

My first day of pre GED class was exciting because I passed a level higher to learn.
Today was a little hard day for my boy. Marcos who is 3 years old, didn't go to class because his classes will start next Tuesday.

Today he came with Karla, my wife and me. He stayed in the classroom with our group,sat in a corner,and started to draw on a piece of paper.
After 1 hour he was so bored and he started to hit the table with the pencil.I understood, because it is so hard for a boy 3 years old to sit still in a one place for three hours only drawing and writing.

Then, the Principal of the school arrived in the classroom and called my wife.
She told her that our boy cannot stay in the class room with her.
She said to my wife, "Your son is interrupting the man who is taking a test." My wife said, "That man is his dad."

My wife took my boy with her to the Early Head Start classroom with my other child named Emiliano, who is ten months old.
She stayed there until the class finished.

A family day off

September 1st. was a day off for my whole family. We decided to enjoy the day together. My husband Fabian who loves fishing, prepared everything to go fishing at Woodland Park. This city has a beautiful lake.

My son Fabian who is nineteen year old, my daughter Alejandra who is eighteen years old, my husband and myself arrived at Woodland Park, but on the way there, someone made a comment about Cripple Creek and everybody decided to go to this city instead of fishing because my daughter and son had never visited Cripple Creek before.
We stopped at a beautiful restaurant inside the city. After, we decided to visit the museum located at the entrance of Cripple Creek.

The museum had a lot of history about the mines, the community and the technology from the l880's, 90's.

In the 3rd. floor of the museum they had arranged a regular home from the
l800's with maniquies wearing old clothes from these times, old furnitures, etc.

In the 2nd. floor we had a chance to see the technology about the older telephone, telegraph, printer machine, floor plans of the mines that were located under the earth, and also the newspaper from these times.

At the end of the day we drove to the city and then returned to our house. Then we prepared to go to help my sister start packing and moving all of her things, (furnitures, boxes,etc.)in to a uhaul truck.

One Crazy Dream

My eyes were about to close when I was watching The Butterfly Effect. It was at this part where the kids were down stairs with the dad video taping them. I fell asleep and then I took one of the kids spot, but i was just wearing boxers and shoes. The little girl was saying, "We are going to have fun huh?"

Then out of no where I pulled out a gun that look like a bazooka, but it shot Butterflies. So I'm shooting the dad with Butterflies, and he was just screaming like a mad man in the mental institution. Then the little girl screamed, "Don't hurt my daddy!"

Then she got on her knee and BAM she punch me where boys should not be hit.(If you dont know just come and talk to me)
I started crying and screaming in pain so i shot a butterfly in my hand and give it to her and I screamed to her, "Ill be your hero!"

Then when I turned around the dad was standing there with a shovel and then he swung the shovel, and it connected with my head. I woke up fast, and checked my head to see if it was still in place. The movie was over,the credits were rolling.

"That was one crazy dream I had." I said to myself


God grand me the SERENITY to accept the thing I cannot change COURAGE to change the thing I can, and WISDOM to know the difference.

Se├▒or dame la SERENIDAD para aceptar las cosas que no puedo cambiar y VALOR para cambiar las cosas que si puedo y SABIDURIA para conocer la diferencia.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have been married for 7 years. I enjoy taking care of my kids Lorena 12 years old, Alondra 6 years old and Marco 22 months old, watching them grow is a great experience.

You get can see how much they are learning throughout the years. I don't get paid for this job. My reward are hugs and kisses and their accomplishment. I am happy when my daughter Lorena told me, " Mamy, Mamy, I have A in my report card"

Being a mother is very rewarding. In a real job you don't get such amazing rewards.

Becoming a mother has been the best thing that ever happened to me.


We didn't have a big trip, but we had a fun summer, because we did many things. First we went to "Eleven Miles Lake", my husband Marcos, my kids Marquitos 3 years-old, Emiliano 10 months-old, and our friends Maria and Roman with their daugthers Luna and Sol .
We had a big picnic in there. Roman had a boat so we got up and stayed in the water for long time. So we spent all day in the reserve.
Another day we went to the "Elich Garden", but we had a little problem. We went on Tuesday, so we found a paper in the tickets window where it said,"The atractions are closed, open only weekends." We thought we had driven about 1 1/2 hours for nothing "noooooo!!!!"
We decided to go to the aquarium. It was beautiful and big experince. We saw sharks, turtles,a lots of kinds of fishes.
We stayed there for a long time and also we ate there and spent all day.


My first day of class was great. My teacher's name is Sue. I haven't been to school like in six to seven years. It's something big for me to come back to school. I'm excited! There are like about 15 students in the classroom. I want to get my GED to be a CNA or do nails and waxing. I love having my nails done. My sister-in-law is done with school, in two more weeks. She went to school for cosmetology. She wants to open her shop. I want to do the nails and the waxing while she does cutting, and coloring hair. I'm also thinking about being a CNA because it is a short career and you get certified in like a month or so.
I was born and raised in Chicago. I went to school there. I only got to 9th grade. So it's a big change for me to come to school after so long.

Pleasing days

This summer I did many things. My children were out of school and I needed to find something fun to do with them. Fortunately, my husband's family came from Mexico and we spent all our time together.

Every afternoon we went to my sister- in -law's house because my mother-in-law, nieces and nephews were here. These were the hottest days and we spent most of the time outside sitting at the picnic tables. That was good because we could have conversations and remember anecdotes about our families, and take advantage of the grill. We ate barbecue, fresh fish, ceviche and fresh chicken. That was good because we could make great memories.

One day we went to the Helen Hunt Falls. We walked up and took pictures. That was a hot day too, and my son, nieces and nephews took advantage of the coldest waterfall. That was a fun moment for them.

After that, we went up the route and crossed two dark and humid caves, it was "scary" moment, we screamed a little and my husband and brothers-in-law blew the horn to his cars. This was a grand day. Unfortunately, the summer came to an end and they returned to Mexico, but I remembered the times we shared together.


This summer break was the most busy of the other years. I hope my two children enjoyed it, as I did.

My best part of everything we did was the Campfire where we went one night to the Fountain Creek Park. It was exciting, scary, and funny. The children were excited and happy taking a walk through all the park, trying to find all kind of animals or watching different things.

The Translator told us a lot of histories about the park, the creek, the ancestors of Colorado, and part of their lives.

We were about seven families with one to two children each, and we stayed only for few hours there.

As the night got dark, we made a fire. We made s'mores burning marshmallows. The children lay down on the ground trying to look for owls and bats.

After that I was so glad to get back home because I was so nervous of the dark and the animals.

My FiRsT dAy

My first day of school in my G.E.D class was very interesting. First off I met so many different people. my classmates were very nice. Also i was busy with so many assignments. We had so many different discussions about the election, and we made a name for our weblog. Which we called it " Writers Of The Futures". I had an awesome time. Finally the day was over and my class ended of 11:15 and I went home. All and All my first day was very interesting.


This large weekend was soo funny because my family came from Houston, TX.

They are my cousin Pepe, his wife Sonia, and his children Pepe and Jennifer, my favorite cousin Adriana and her husband George. I haven't seen them for over 5 years. I was very, very, very happy, because my cousin will be celebrating her birthday with me.

They arrived to Colorado Springs on Saturday morning. In the afternoon we went to Seven Falls. When we were in the line for paying, it started to rain and we went back to the town. We decided to visit The Prospect Lake. My cousin Pepe was very fascinated with the weather of Colorado Springs because it is different from Houston. Here it's chilly and the weather in Houston is humid. When we were in the lake it started to rain again, and we went back home. In the night we visited the show of the balloons in Memorial Park. I took some pictures, but in a moment I was lost from the rest of my family for about 30 mins. I felt scared, and they were in the car.

Finally on Sunday we went to Seven Falls. They were surprised with the nature, the mountains, and going up in the elevator. We gave some food to the squirrels and saw the native dancers.

We made a picnic outside my apartment, including my husband's family, and a cake to celebrate my cousin's birthday. They didn't know if they would be going back to Houston on Sunday because probably they will be evacuated from Houston for the Hurricane Gustav. My cousin made a few calls to ask somebody what happened with the Hurricane, and in the afternoon they went back to Houston, TX.

I'm soo sad, but maybe we'll go to Houston in December.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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