Friday, March 13, 2009

My Life Is Weather

My life is based on the weather

I'm like the sun that sits so bright

I'm like the rain when I cry at night

I'm like the wind every time I blow

I'm like the snow just with a little flow

All I can tell you - don't get caught in the weather

Please Try

Don't Give Up

By Ricky Murphy

"Unforgettable Surprise"

The time was steadily similar to the other days. I was working at a clothing store and that days were so busy because is was Christmas time. The store was suffused with customers and I did my job hastily.

This day was my birthday, but I was not waiting for something special. I knew it was my birthday, but my family didn't have enough money to make me a party and can understand this. I not to reproach anything.

When the day was over and I finished my job, I said bye to my friends. I strode on the street to reach my house. When I told to my mom, " mom I'm here", she asked me if I could search for something ( I can't remember what ) in the living room. I said OK, but when I opened the door where it was, the light was off. When I put it on, there were all my friends and family and they shrilled, " Happy Birthday!" and sang it too. My heart was quivering and I couldn't stop crying. It was very moving and unexpected for me. It was beautiful.

It was my unforgettable surprise.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Yesterday, I had an appointment for an ultrasound at 12:15am. I was very anxious to be there. I would find out about my new baby and I was nervous too. I was seated with my mother-in-law. We were waiting when suddenly the nurse called me to go inside. We went and began with the ultrasound. The nurse asked me if I wished to know what I'm going to have: boy or girl. Of course I said "yes". She saw and said, "It's a boy". I felt very happy and I wanted to cry and this is another happy moment that I'm never going to forget.

When I Was a Teen

When I lived in Mexico and I was a teen, I met with my friends in the plaza every day. We played volleyball, talked, and were around. I really miss those times in my beautiful City Carachurio. One day I remember I was mad at my friends. They were only girls so I switched to the men's volleyball team. They were so scared, you know the men are stronger than women. For that day I felt glorious, but after that I felt sorry for my friends. However, I gave them a lesson. I wish the time never past. That was my best time as a teen. I am keeping this good times in my memory. I shared my good time in my little town to my kids.