Friday, March 13, 2009

My Life Is Weather

My life is based on the weather

I'm like the sun that sits so bright

I'm like the rain when I cry at night

I'm like the wind every time I blow

I'm like the snow just with a little flow

All I can tell you - don't get caught in the weather

Please Try

Don't Give Up

By Ricky Murphy


sue said...

Great poem, Ricky!!!!!

I love poetry; it's such a great way to express yourself. Keep writing poems!

Anonymous said...

I love this poem. I feel it's something I can read several times and gain a new feeling...thanks a great thing!

anuka~lovely~days... said...

This was a very good poem on how the weather is your life. The weather is also my life in many ways. Summer, because i get to sit outside and enjoy mother nature, hang out with my family at the park, and do summer things. Spring, because I love rain. The smell of rain makes me happy and lets me know that the world is still going in its original pattern. Winter, because of all the snow. It's beautiful outside when it snows, it comforts me and helps me sleep better. Then autumn which is my moms name. its a precious season mostly because, it means that the tree are reproducing and are working up the new life of the world. Your poem is beautiful Ricky. Good job.

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