Friday, March 13, 2009

"Unforgettable Surprise"

The time was steadily similar to the other days. I was working at a clothing store and that days were so busy because is was Christmas time. The store was suffused with customers and I did my job hastily.

This day was my birthday, but I was not waiting for something special. I knew it was my birthday, but my family didn't have enough money to make me a party and can understand this. I not to reproach anything.

When the day was over and I finished my job, I said bye to my friends. I strode on the street to reach my house. When I told to my mom, " mom I'm here", she asked me if I could search for something ( I can't remember what ) in the living room. I said OK, but when I opened the door where it was, the light was off. When I put it on, there were all my friends and family and they shrilled, " Happy Birthday!" and sang it too. My heart was quivering and I couldn't stop crying. It was very moving and unexpected for me. It was beautiful.

It was my unforgettable surprise.


sue said...

Way to use your vocabulary words, Claudia. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

ofelia said...

This was a big surprise for you, because it was something that you do not expect that either you had a birthday party.

Kay said...

What great colorful words. You made me see what you experienced.