Friday, March 6, 2009

When I Was a Teen

When I lived in Mexico and I was a teen, I met with my friends in the plaza every day. We played volleyball, talked, and were around. I really miss those times in my beautiful City Carachurio. One day I remember I was mad at my friends. They were only girls so I switched to the men's volleyball team. They were so scared, you know the men are stronger than women. For that day I felt glorious, but after that I felt sorry for my friends. However, I gave them a lesson. I wish the time never past. That was my best time as a teen. I am keeping this good times in my memory. I shared my good time in my little town to my kids.


sue said...

Too bad we couldn't find a good picture for this post! I was trying to think of someplace in America that kids can gather together to play like this.... and I really can't think of one. I wonder if you ever wish your own kids had someplace like you had as a teenager. Do they have one here?

Ofelia said...

I'm agree with you, the best moment in our lifes is when we are teens, I missed this beautiful times too.

Writers of the Future said...

Dear Lorena your good times are similar to mine.
Ma Elena