Friday, April 10, 2009

The System

Hi, my name is Manny. Let me give you a little outlook of how I see things. Are you a single mother, and have applied for government assistance and got denied? Or even had to do paper work over and over because your info got lost? It is frustrating right? I believe that people who really need help, who have a child or children, who can not pay bills, have nothing to eat, and have no babysitter, should have priority over someone who lives with 6-7 others, has some food, and has a sitter to watch their child or children to look for a job. I believe it is not fair, and action needs to be taken. I am curious what you all think. Feel free to leave a comment.


karla said...

hi manny! my name is Karla and I was in Sue´s class until I came back to mexico, when I was in Colorado
i think the same way.
But now i really miss alot of things in there because i need to do alot of paperwork in the government offices and you no what here is very sad to see how they dont take care , you need to do the paper work over and over and over.... again and you just need to wait until they want to help you in the us you can find other provisional help until the government help you get food or something here i am alone and frustrate very good story

sue said...

Karla! So great to here from you! I wish you and your beautiful family happiness in Mexico, now that you have returned there. Be patient, and know that it will take time to readjust... but if you ever come back to the US, I'll be here! Miss you! :)

Writers of the Future said...

I agree with you.I had my daughter at really young age and I tried to get assistance and also got denied they said I made 20 dollars over the limit.It is very frustrating I think there should be something done about how they figure out if you qualify or not.

Anonymous said...

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