Friday, October 16, 2009

What is your dream job? Why?

My dream job is a teacher because when I was young one of my elementary school teachers who inspired me. So long ago, but even today, still she is inside of my memory.

She was a very young, neat, bright, sparkled, fresh, and always smelled good. Sometimes, I went to her and didn't say anything just looked at her or sat down next to her. I don't know why I liked her a lot, but I know one thing she was very patient and always had a good smile on her face.

One day, I could not afford to have my lunch so I tried to go outside. She asked me, "Where are you going to?" I said to her, "I just want to go out side. Then she said again, "Where is your lunch?" I looked at her she asked me again and she came to me, held my hand, walked through her desk, then opened her lunch box, and gave to me half of her lunch. I didn't know what to do, but I was so hungry and I looked her lunch box; she had good food in there. I could not believe what I saw in her lunch box!

To me never ever seen all good food such dry seaweed, egg roll, sausage, etc.,
But guess what? After I had eaten her lunch, I was sick couple of days because from my house I never ate those stuff. After that happened, I liked my teacher's kindness and thoughtfulness very much. I think she was a good role model for me and other children who saw her actions with me.

Now, I am a grown person sometimes I sit down think about my old days, I can remember that day. In many times, I ask to myself if I am going to be in that situation can I do that like my teacher did for me?

Even today, I am working with children. I don't think I have that much of patience, passion, and love. A lot of times, I think this is my job to do so I just do my work without love or careless. Also many times, I ask myself do I really want to be a teacher with all that responsibilities? But at the bottom of my heart I really want to be a teacher because many children don't know who is their parents or some of them are growing up with single mom or dad. Therefore, many of children are missing very important stuff such as how to respect public, friends, parents, or older people.

In my opinion, if we don't teach them now, think about it twenty or thirty years later what it's going to be? In the future those young children will take over our country without what is right and wrong, I think they are completely lost their directions. That's why I would like to be a teacher- to do my best and teach the young children as much as I know and my experience from my life.


sue said...

You have so much wisdom and knowledge and love inside of you, Song, that you would make an AMAZING teacher!

haida said...

Hello!! Song
I read your story becoming a teacher is a work of heart YOU know they are not going to pay you that much, but the satisfaction of change a child's life is the bread of the soul.

P.s." You are going to be wonderful"
as a teacher.

James said...

That is good that we have people in this world that has a good heart.Hope that you can be a good teacher and help people that need the help.There are good teachers out there that want to see there classmates be better in things.Good luck...