Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm going to tell you that maybe I took a wrong turn or maybe not in my life. Now, I am happy with my husband and my two kids. We try to have fun always, leave out of the house and travel. So I love them so much, but if God could give me other opportunity to go back to my past and take another turn, I would.Because I am not sorry for having my babies and getting married, just because I got married so young.I was only 17 .I think about all that my mother told me in all her advices.Also I could have been finished high school too, with not worries like who will take care of my kids, if I got to the school? , or if I am in school I am thinking about were they?,will they cry or not? and these things don't let me pay attention at 100% at my teacher and I can't learn all. So other way if I would have been in my house with my mom it would have been different, no worries or distractions, but always we think when we did it , why ? I dont know.So, I know that I don't have another opportunity to start againg.the only thing I can do is to be happy, cheer, and not to be sad and work to grow up with my own family.


haida said...

I'm just going to tell you, mistakes,made us wiser,and thats the way we learn,for furder problems.

Sara Rae said...

One thing that is great about this life we are given, is that every day we have numerous choices and possibilities about what we do with ourselves.
Even when we second-guess our decisions in the past, the present and the future still hold many opportunities for us.
I admire your positive attitude!