Friday, September 25, 2009

To Mr. Greg Mortenson

Dear Mr. Greg Mortenson:

My name is Song. I am so glad to meet you through the book. The book's title is Three Cups of Tea that book you wrote. When I started to read this book, I thought just one of 3rd world countries stories, so I kind of ignored it, but I was wrong. It brings my attention and challenge to me. When I was young, my dream to go out there helping people who need my help, but I did not have chance to do it. By the way, I am so proud of you and your family. Even though you want to help the Pakistan people or their children, without your family support that is impossible. However, I am glad because we have people like you, so we can change our lives better and we can teach our next generation. Also, when you went out there (West Side Elementary School) and gave them one hour speech that was really a success. Those children brought over six hundred pennies. you must have done a great speech, so those children opened their minds for other countries children. In my opinion, you did a great job; therefore, you and those who helped you in the very beginning of your mission, you are a hero for all of us. You're getting a big hand from all of us and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!


Song Hilyard


joseph.olivas. said...

song i feel the same way you do how one man can change the world for other children to have what we have a chance to go to school.

haida said...

HI,SONG,I thing you where rigth, Greg is a wonderful person,I whish we have more people like him. We should follow his example, and do somthing to help other people. I loved your comment.