Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Greg Mortenson...

After I read your book-Three Cups of Tea-actually not finish yet...
I was amazed many ways. First is your courage, second is your humanity, and third is your life.
When I read this book, sometimes I imagine "If I were Greg...". But my answer is always "No,I can't!". If I belonged to your parents...that could be. Because your parents were you.
You didn't command about your religion, but I could guess. They might be a Christian-kind of
ministry of Africa. And their humanity could influence you. Your parents challenge to me.
I want to be a great parents who has a good influence to my children, friends, and neighbors.
By the way, when did you marry? and when did you have your children?
I supposed you are single. Because you are always busy. Come and go,here and there...
Love is great! and you are great,too! Haha~~
I remind how powerful the American-especially English. By you building school in Korphe,they
can learn about America and speak English. How amazing! Pakistanis can speak English...
Near future, the English will become a common language all over the world!
Lots of American are proud of you. And many Pakistanis thank you.


Virgil said...

I thought that was great,i hope greg answers you.

haida said...

I agree with you,he is wonderfull,and I whish a can be like him.