Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear, Mr. Greg Mortenson

I thought your book was very knowledgeable. And more people so follow that almost infant way of thinking, not say your an infant. But I mean that simple way of thought. You don't care about what race, religion, or creed someone is for you to befriend them , you like or dislike someone on the way they treat you. And I can respect that. I'm sorry for the lose of your sister and father. I could not imagine what pain you went through, and are still going through and losing them both in such a short time frame, my condolences. OK let's move on to a happier note. You are doing a great thing not just for the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan but for mankind
and the world , who knows you could have given an education to the doctor who will create the cure for Cancer, who knows. so keep it up and hear from you soon.
Your friend:Virgil
P.s. : Don't Screw Up ! , lol, jk.

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haida said...

I liked the leter you wrote for M.r Mortenson.