Friday, February 6, 2009


Everytime I see through window falling snow,

I feel at ease like a baby is sleeping with a smile.

Early in the morning, when I see the fallen snow

during the night, I shout for joy, "Snow is fallen !"

Then I call all families to look at the fallen snow.

I look around at my house covered with snow.

All is white,calm,and peace.

My mind is easy also.

All the world is loneliness.

I pray for happiness to my family.

Last Monday the snow fell in Colorado Springs.

Suddenly I thought into memory to my homeland that snow is falling .

I felt homesick.

But I like to see falling snow.


sue said...

"All the world is loneliness".... Wow, I really love that description. It captures what the world feels like after it snows. Beautiful.

anuka~lovely~days... said...

Your poem sets my mind in a new perspective. I think of the times when i would be in the snow and look up. I would feel lonely, but at the same time I would feel very happy. Happy that god has blessed us with these amazing seasons. Good job!