Friday, January 8, 2010

happy new year!

Welcome back, everybody! I hope you had a restful time over the holidays. I know it can be crazy sometimes, but I hope you found time just to hang out with friends and family. Look at all these wonderful people:

Here's to a new year of new learning and new adventures!!!!!!!!!
And here's Joseph's amazing cake:


Elena E said...

Thank you Sue!that was a very happy day for me. I always like to take pictures of every time;it doesn't meter if it's a special day or not I like to have my memories in pictures to remember and talk about it with my kids,relatives and friends.I wish you the best for this New Year.

Maria said...

I hope this year will be better for me and for everybody. I will work hard to get my goal.

virgil said...

Is it weird to say i got a yearning for bark ,lol, no fake that cake was the bomb.

alma said...

I am so happy because you are helping me to understand that everybody have problems in the life, but always we found solution to that .
Now I know that all us could reach our goals with hard work every day.
Thank you everyone.

KURT said...