Friday, November 20, 2009


The very first time I saw the ocean I felt apprehensive, astonished and shocked. I kept my mouth opened for several hours. After that my feelings are the same, but I would like to see it again.

I remembered that day. I was going from my town to Jalisco. We had to pass over a mountain, and we stopped at the hill. Suddenly there was the ocean!. It was a lot a feet down the mountain, very blue ,moving back and forth. I never saw the end. It was very foggy. At that time my heart started to beat faster. Thump!Thump!
My hands turned yellow and cold,I stopped breathing for a while, and my mind started to imagine horrible things like tsunamis.

I still don't understand why I am afraid of water!


sue said...

The ocean is a very powerful force of nature. I always love to stand before it and when I do, I feel so small, but in a good way.
I like the part where you wrote "Thump, Thump"

haida said...

Hello!!! I share the same amazement about the sea the only differences is that I am not that afraid of the ocean, in fact I miss the ocean a lot YOU see, I used to live 5 blocks near to the sea and I loved it, makes me field relaxed.

marina said...

ooh! Elena let me tell you that I'm afraid to the water too,but not just at the ocean water if not rivers or (arroyos) too I'm very very scared.and I hope that you remembered something good of your trip.

James said...

The ocean is very nice.You can go to the beach and relax on the sad.Go out in the water and go swimming.Its a lot of fun.

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